The Advancement Board is made up of seven committees with specific board members being assigned to the various groups.  These committees serve to increase the departments expertise within the profession and propels the department into the future of Landscape Architecture.  All current Advancement Board members should be listed under a committee, if you you are not listed please contact Terrall Budge or Todd Johnson.   

Please click on the title of your committee to go to your committee's webpage.

Linda Snyder, Co-chair
Jan Striefel, Co-chair


Jay Bollwinkel, Co-chair
Randy Jackson, Co-chair
Corbett Belcher
Prashanta Bhat
Jim Hyatt
Chris Sands
Dale Schafer
Jan Striefel
David Evans, Faculty Rep.
Tanya Rice, Staff Rep.

Development Committee

Brian Huculak, CREATE 2020 Rep. & Chair
Kurt Altvater
Mark Dawson
Geoff Ellis
Larry Harmsen
Mark Johnson
Linda Snyder
Sean Michael, Faculty Rep.


Marcus Pulsipher, Chair
Rick Barrett
Bob Behling
Kenneth Brooks
Walt Cole
Todd Johnson
Nancy Monteith
Keith Diaz Moore
Michael Schneider
John Suarez
Mark van der Zalm
David Anderson, Faculty Rep.
Pam George, Staff Rep.