Suggested Computer Specs

Suggested Computer Requirements for LAEP
Platforms (Laptop recommended)

l Microsoft® Windows® 7(or 8) x 64

l Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

l Direct X® 9.0c (required), OpenGL® (optional)

Hardware Requirements

l Recommended: Intel® Core i5 or higher processor
l 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
l Direct3D or OpenGL-capable graphics card (256 MB or higher video card memory, 512MB recommended)
l Microsoft Windows-compliant pointing device (optimized Intellimouse®)
l DVD ROM drive
l A more expensive option would be the MacBook Pro with the addition of the operating system Windows 7. Many people use a MAC. You will need to purchase additional software so you can run Windows and be able to interact with GIS.

l Microsoft office – student edition is fine
l AutoCAD 2013 (student version download at
l SketchUp (download at
l Land F/X (download at
l You will eventually need Adobe Suite CS6 for InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. It is not necessary to purchase it until sophomore year.
l Do not purchase AutoCAD or ArcGIS. Licenses are a part of lab fees for selected LAEP classes.
Updated July, 2013