Ben GeorgeBen George.jpg

Adjunct Instructor


Ben’s instructional emphasis is on landscape history and on expanding the geographic reach of the department through on-line courses.

LAEP 1030 Introduction to Landscape Architecture
An introduction to the methods, processes and topics that have, and continue, to shape the profession of Landscape Architecture. Topics include social, environmental and cultural design concerns, a historical overview of the evolution of design and the practical application of design concepts. Three credits, offered on-line.

LAEP 2300 History of Landscape Architecture
An examination of the historical stylistic, cultural and social movements that have impacted landscape design and how these movements interpreted the visual and functional qualities of the landscape. Three credits, offered on campus and on-line.

PSC 2620 Woody Plant Materials: Trees and Shrubs for the Landscape

An introduction to the prominent trees and shrubs used commercially in the Intermountain West, their cultivars, uses and maintenance. Additional topics relate to the horticultural nursery industry and general woody plant care and maintenance. Three credits, offered on-line.