B_Yang.jpgBo Yang

Assistant Professor

Dr. Bo Yang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. His areas of interest are environmental planning and technology, stormwater management, community planning and design, water related ordinances, and landscape history and theory in China and East Asia.

Bo has diverse backgrounds in architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning. He has professional experience in both China and the U.S. and has been involved in projects of different scales and focuses. Prior to joining Utah State University, Bo was a graduate student instructor at Texas A&M University for three years. He has taught various courses including Introduction to Landscape Architecture, Landscape Design, and Digital Communication. He has also been invited to give lectures on Chinese garden design and philosophies.

Bo has been involved in a number of research projects, has given presentations in national and international conferences and published in peer-reviewed proceedings. His doctoral study assessed Ian McHarg’s ecological planning approach used in The Woodlands, Texas. The study was funded by the U.S. Geological Survey in 2008. Bo’s current research is examining the impacts of different community planning approaches on stormwater quality and the long-term effectiveness of various low impact development strategies. Bo also has expertise in GIS watershed modeling, spatial analysis and statistical analysis tools.

Bo is Vice President of Overseas Chinese Landscape Architects Association (OCLAA) and a member of the International Association for China Planning (IACP).