C_Lavoie_Bryce.jpgCaroline Lavoie's Courses

LAEP 1350 Theory of Design

Basic elements of design with emphasis upon their relationship to landscape architecture. Form and spatial relationships are stressed through student development of two- and three-dimensional design models. Design theory applied to materials of landform, vegetation, water, and architecture. Two three hour studios per week. Prerequisite: LAEP 1200.

LAEP 4100 Urban Theory, Systems, & Design
Focuses on urban environment for design expression and processes associated with the creation of cities. Explores different aspects of urban theories and design approaches (conceptual, perceptual, and analytical) as applied to large urban areas and site-specific spaces.

LAEP 4120 Emerging Areas in Landscape Architecture I
Exploration of new and emerging areas in the profession of landscape architecture. National and international issues in regional landscape planning, landscape restoration, bioengineering, and visual resource management are among several issues which may be examined.

LAEP 4350/6550 Travel Course 1-3 Credits
Major field trip to examine a variety of projects in planning and design.

LAEP 6740 Planning Theory and Implementation Issues
Explores theoretical underpinnings of planning and landscape theory, from the rational model to contemporary alternatives. Leads to discussions of issues of sprawl, sustainability, and transportation, including their effects on the built environment, agricultural lands, and open-space systems.

LAEP 6910/6930 Reading Seminar I/II
Selected readings directed by department faculty. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.