M_Timmons_Breakfast.jpgMichael Timmons's Courses

LAEP 2300/6230 History of Landscape Architecture
An examination of landscape change in the context of its history from ancient to present times, with a primary emphasis on the visual qualities of designed landscapes.

LAEP 3100/6310 Recreation & Open Space Planning & Design
Focuses on regional and local open space planning and design in both urban and rural settings. Includes project scale recreation design, design seminars, field trips, and guest lecturers.

LAEP 4130 Honor's Thesis
Survey course in historic landscape preservation, covering theory and history, cultural landscape inventories and reports, preservation practice, and management and treatment options for historic landscapes.

LAEP 4350/6550 Travel Course: Landscape Architecture of Southern California
Week-long travel-study program examines a variety of noteworthy planning and design projects and practices in the Los Angeles/San Diego region.

LAEP 6930 Graduate Reading Seminar II
Selected readings from the works of Frederick Law Olmsted, reviewed weekly in seminar.