Kenji Shiozawa Scholarship

Kenji Shiozawa Scholarship


Kenji Shiozawa

Kenji Shiozawa, FASLA (1916-1999), was one of the first two landscape architecture graduates (BS, 1940) from Utah State University. In 1946, Kenji Shiozawa returned to his alma mater following service in World War II as a graduate teaching assistant to Prof. Laval Morris. Morris created a tailored master’s degree for his assistant due to the lack of such a graduate program. In 1949, following completion of the first LAEP graduate degree at USU (MS in Landscape Architecture), Kenji Shiozawa became an Instructor in the department at Prof. Morris’s invitation, and subsequently was promoted. Professors Morris and Shiozawa taught all studios from 1949 to 1957, and were extensively involved in campus planning for USU.

The Kenji Shiozawa Scholarship, established in 2001, was created by the children of Prof. Shiozawa to honor his memory, supported by friends and former students, and intended to support the training of future landscape architects. Kenji Shiozawa’s professional influence can be seen in 18 national forests in the Intermountain West, where he served as regional Landscape Architect from 1959-1978. During his career in the U.S. Forest Service, he hired, trained and supervised almost 200 other landscape architects, many of them USU graduates. He was awarded Fellow status by the American Society of Landscape Architects in 1978, becoming the first USU alumni to receive the honor.


Current LAEP juniors or 1st and 2nd year graduate students are eligible to apply for the $1000 scholarship that is included in the recipient’s financial aid package the following year. Applications are submitted via Award Spring on the College of Agriculture in spring semester with departmental faculty making the selection after the deadline. Students are awarded based on GPA and performance in LAEP coursework.




2008-2009 David Runkel - BLA, '09
2009-2010 Colleen Corballis - MLA, '10
2010-2011 Tom Cluff  - MLA, '11
2012-2013 Clifton "Russ" Grover - BLA, '13
2013-2014 Whitney May - BLA, '14
2014-2015 Stephen Peaden - MLA '15 & Jenna McRory - BLA '15

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